Sunday, May 22, 2011

IHC 2011

Well our little princess was asked to sing again this year at IHC with my niece CJ, and this year, my nephew Maverick made his first debut : )  They sang in a trio with several hundred kids backing them up on the chorus, how cool is that?!? : )  They did such a good job, I was proud of them all!  Ma and Pa Baker (as we call them) did such a wonderful job once again!!!  The theme for this year was "Pioneers for Jesus".  Our kiddos sang a song to the tune of "I Wonder How It Felt", but it was about being a Pioneer, Ma Baker wrote the words to it.  All in all, we had a nice time at IHC and our kids really enjoyed themselves.  It is a highlight of our year, so glad I'm able to take them!  Thanks Bakers for including our kids in this wonderful opportunity & making them feel so special!  --Also while we were there, we were able to see a dear friend of ours, Betty Derscheid, give her testimony.  God has completely healed her from a disease that she has had for 20 yrs. or more--what a MIGHTY GOD we serve!  She did a wonderful job speaking in her "7 minute time-frame", something none of us thought was possible, lol!  It is always good to see God is still in the healing business!

"The girls" with Ma Baker!
L to R:  Kristen (in purple), CJ (in pink), Kallee (in blue), Tyler (holding Mavs) and Keegan 
All the kids in this picture, but mine, are the Baker's grandkids!
Ma & Pa Baker praying with some of the kids before the program.  It was awesome, Pa asked Keegan to pray and it just made me feel so proud to think my son had the priveledge to pray for such a special event!
My nephew Maverick, isn't he an absolute doll!?!?  Love this little booger!  Him and I have this little game we play---I'll say "I love you Maverick and before he can say it back to me, I say, no-no-no, I love you".  Of course he has caught on, so he always interupts me and says, "no-no-no, I wuv you" : )
Those that sang specials--solos, duets, trios, etc.
The Children's Choir
Kallee waiting for her turn to sing
L to R:  CJ, Mavs & Kallee
My niece CJ playing "Jesus Loves Me" on her violin, in front of 1000's of people!  She did such a GREAT job, she made tears come to my eyes.  Just think of what God has in store for this little lady!  Love you CJ!
Ma Baker doing what she does best--working with the children!
Miss Betty waiting for her turn

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