Sunday, May 22, 2011

IHC 2011

Well our little princess was asked to sing again this year at IHC with my niece CJ, and this year, my nephew Maverick made his first debut : )  They sang in a trio with several hundred kids backing them up on the chorus, how cool is that?!? : )  They did such a good job, I was proud of them all!  Ma and Pa Baker (as we call them) did such a wonderful job once again!!!  The theme for this year was "Pioneers for Jesus".  Our kiddos sang a song to the tune of "I Wonder How It Felt", but it was about being a Pioneer, Ma Baker wrote the words to it.  All in all, we had a nice time at IHC and our kids really enjoyed themselves.  It is a highlight of our year, so glad I'm able to take them!  Thanks Bakers for including our kids in this wonderful opportunity & making them feel so special!  --Also while we were there, we were able to see a dear friend of ours, Betty Derscheid, give her testimony.  God has completely healed her from a disease that she has had for 20 yrs. or more--what a MIGHTY GOD we serve!  She did a wonderful job speaking in her "7 minute time-frame", something none of us thought was possible, lol!  It is always good to see God is still in the healing business!

"The girls" with Ma Baker!
L to R:  Kristen (in purple), CJ (in pink), Kallee (in blue), Tyler (holding Mavs) and Keegan 
All the kids in this picture, but mine, are the Baker's grandkids!
Ma & Pa Baker praying with some of the kids before the program.  It was awesome, Pa asked Keegan to pray and it just made me feel so proud to think my son had the priveledge to pray for such a special event!
My nephew Maverick, isn't he an absolute doll!?!?  Love this little booger!  Him and I have this little game we play---I'll say "I love you Maverick and before he can say it back to me, I say, no-no-no, I love you".  Of course he has caught on, so he always interupts me and says, "no-no-no, I wuv you" : )
Those that sang specials--solos, duets, trios, etc.
The Children's Choir
Kallee waiting for her turn to sing
L to R:  CJ, Mavs & Kallee
My niece CJ playing "Jesus Loves Me" on her violin, in front of 1000's of people!  She did such a GREAT job, she made tears come to my eyes.  Just think of what God has in store for this little lady!  Love you CJ!
Ma Baker doing what she does best--working with the children!
Miss Betty waiting for her turn

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Out of Photo Room???

Well as those of you that have followed my blog from the beginning, I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, I'm sure that really disappoints you, lol!  I started a couple more posts for the month of December, but blogger told me I was "out of photo room", you all know, I'm a picture freak so that didn't make me too happy!!!  I figure if I can't post pictures, what's the point of having a blog???  I guess time will tell if I continue to keep this blog or not, so please bear with me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FCA Christmas Float

This year we participated in Frankfort's Christmas parade!  It sure was fun, but it sure was cold too!  The kids all had a good time, but were ready to get warmed up.  Thanks to PTF for creating and putting together the float, it was a very neat float!

Back side of the float
The kids getting ready to get on the float
All aboard!
Bottom to Top:  Christina Schuler, Emily Watson, Kendra Peck (waving), Kayla & Karissa Fry
Jaida Waggoner
 Connor Davis and Leticia Schuler
Closest to side:  Regan Spangler, Christina Schuler & Anna Watson
Left to Right:  Justin Huffer (little guy), David Eric Gilbert, Jake Huffer, Caleb Gilbert, Cody Sullivan and Keegan (guess he thought he'd try and get a nap before heading out, lol).
Some of the teens that helped pass out items to the crowd (l to r):  Yajaria Baltierra, Austin Albaugh, Missie Watson, Talon & Blake Spangler
Kallee waving at me and Jalen Waggoner sneeking into the picture : )
Walking down Clinton Street
Chester Chee-ta from Frito Lay passing out chips
Santa himself : )

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Costume Party - November 2010

At last I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our costume party we had.  This was a last minute party and a lot of those we invited couldn't come, but...we had fun with the ones that could.  We had a lot of fun together... eating, playing, sharing candy, etc.  It was fun to see all the kids come through the door in their costumes!  We had--a couple adorable ghosts, a knight, a hot dog, a hippie, a princess, a phantom, a pirate and a football player.  The old scary lady with the yellow and pink flamingo Mrs. Roper dress was...ME! : )  I asked my kids if they wanted to just have time to play or if they actually wanted to play games???  Since they just wanted to play with their friends, it didn't break my heart not having to come up with games : )  I think we will start a yearly tradition with this event, it was a lot of fun!  The kids played while us Moms just kicked back and relaxed.  With this taking place after Halloween, I was able to get plates and cups for .37cents, YEA!  The lovely wig and glasses that I purchased cost me a whole $3.25, so I must say that was quite a bargain, lol!  Think we could have fun with this every year if we could get stuff so cheap : )  Thanks for coming kids, hope you had a fun time!

The Phantom of the Opera, A.K.A. Talon
Keegan my quarter back
Kallee my little Belle
Kailey & Adalyn Cooper, the adorable ghosts : )
Isabelle Sullivan--she made such a cute, little hippie!
Cody Sullivan--the pirate
Samuel Gonzalez, the knight
Connor Davis A.K.A. the hot dog
The whole gang
Me and my kiddos : )
Pizza time--thank goodness for Domino's $5 pizzas
 Time for the candy exchange
Connor having fun throwing the candy he brought into the air and
letting everyone fight over it, hee hee!
Have you ever seen a more adorable ghost?!? : )

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FBHC Young Adult Christmas Party

Last night was our young adult Christmas party for church.  You may say, "why sooo early"???  Well ya see, around here it gets absolutely crazy at Christmas with family time, church/school plays, shopping, etc. etc that we say we are gonna have a party for our class and then never do, so...our friend Rhonda volunteered to make this happen and she DID!!!  Thanks so much to Rhonda and her helpers, we had a GREAT time!  It is always fun getting with God's people and knowing you will have a great time and know that you will actually remember the great time you had, when morning rolls around--if ya know what I mean!  The food was delish and the games and fellowship was just what we all needed!  Here's a look at a few of the crazy things we did! 

Charade's using Christmas songs or Christmas words!  This was Steve Waggoners attempt at making the letter A, he was a riot to watch!
Gene Davis and Mike Peck acting out their portion of the song!
Stanley Easley acting out his Christmas tree part!
John Huffer getting in position to be the baby in the manager!
John acting like a baby in the manager, lol!
Our team spelling out the word Night--Jerry had the "g" back words!

 Jodi Emery guiding Beth to the candle
Rhonda & Bev getting ready for the gag gift game!
Brent Stetler, Stanley Easley & Rhonda Poe
Around and around the gifts go!
Jodi reading the story about the "Right and Left" family
Poor Jason got the bright, pink feathered witch hat! 
I'm sure his little girl will love playing with it!
Gene got a large Hershey's bar in a pink princess Pullup, ha!
Josh enjoying his elf hat a little too much, ha!
These guys were such good sports--LtoR:  Mike Peck w/ his pink and brown mitten, hat and monkey set, Josh Emery with his music/dancin' elf hat and Jason Miley with his pink witch hat!
Sis. Campbell is our teacher and she it the BEST Sunday School teacher I have ever had!!!  Right now we are not able to enjoy her class since we help in Jr. Church, but some day we will get to.  Here she is wiping tears over her "breath spray"--ya had to be there to understand it, lol!